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Welcome and thank you for your interest

If you are not a freemason and qualify, then
                                                                          - WHY NOT?
Join a well-proven organisation with over 250,000 members in 7000 lodges in the UK.
Freemasonry is over 300 years old and has a long tradition of practices established since 1715: our lodge is 101 years old.
We know that membership can benefit you and we believe that  you will gain from ity! 
It will provide a strong interest and helps your self development?


However, you need to know more about freemasonry and our lodge. Please do not believe what you read in the media or are told by gossip.


Please find out more and make up your own mind about Freemasonry

More about Freemasonry-  press----

Members give  a variety of reasons for joining and these are included in Applying  

You will enter here when you join! 

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