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                                                                         About us

Who we are


We are a small friendly lodge (registered No 4353) under the United Grand Lodge of EnglandAlthough, we were established in 1922, we are most diverse and forward thinking. We shall be celebrating our centenary shortly - a little special.

Where do we meet?

We are one of 16 lodges that meet at the historic Grade 2 listed  Castle Grove Masonic Hall,


Our meetings

All meetings are on Monday evenings from September to July. The monthly Regular meetings are followed by a meal (the Festive Board) and are normally on the fourth Monday each month (starting at 18.30). Other Mondays are for instruction and for getting together: they start at 19.00.

Like all lodges, we follow the same ceremonies as used since 1715. It feels good to realise that all masons (even the  most famous) have been through the same pathway.

Our Social life

We organise events throughout the year. Usually, these include a Ladies night, Festive meeting, quizzes, Sunday lunches and other events. The lodge itself visits other lodges such as those in York and Antwerp.   

Our Charities.

The lodge (and individual members) subscribe to both Provincial and Grand Charities so that good size grants can be made (see Masonic Charitable Fund MCF). The lodge subscribes and obtain grants for local charities such as teenage cancer care, Yorkshire Air Ambulance etc

Assisting distressed members and families

All members are expected to oversee what adverse issues that can arise with members and their families (including widows). To assist, the lodge has an officer appointed to co-ordinate this as needed. Each member contributes to a small fund that can be accessed when needed. This fund can support with emergencies such as those arising with the Covid pandemic and domestic emergencies. All Lodges have access to a range of larger grants if needed and this can assist in schooling as well as books etc needed to study. Generally members see this as a fall back should anything untoward happen to them or their family members, and operates like a "benevolent" society.

Our history - in brief

WW1 brought cataclysmic changes to all phases of British life. The nature and and character of society was affected and the thinkers amongst the populace first desired, then demanded, greater knowledge with greater freedom of thought and speech. This led to a huge demand during during 1914-1920 for admission to membership of Masonic Lodges. Headingley Lodge expanded rapidly and became too large with over 80  members, so that it proved more difficult to know all members well and it also slowed individual masonic progress. So they proposed the formation of a "daughter" lodge and some members formed St Michaels Lodge in 1921. We were consecrated on the 23rd January, 1922, by Sir William P. Raynor, J.P. (St Michaels has in turn, formed another lodge, St Wilfrids. in 1946). We were a founding lodge and contributed to those that had fallen in WW1 so we are able to wear the Hallstone Jewel

Our Members

Currently, we have some 25 members which allows you to progress through a masonic career quite quickly if you so wish. However it is worth noting that although some masons are senior in standing through experience, they are not superior. All masons are "on the same level".

We are one of the most diverse Lodges in Leeds. We include health workers, senior academics, builders, law enforcement officers, administrators, company owners and teachers as well as other occupations. Our age range extends from the thirties to the eighties, with some having been members for over 40 years.

A younger profile have joined more recently and are supportive of new members. The smaller membership encourages friendship. We actively visit other Lodges, to observe different customs and extend our great circle of masonic friends.

You may be interested in reading some comments made by current members.

   We would be delighted to welcome any masons wishing to visit us - so please make contact

How to Join us 


Do not be deterred by what you have heard in the press or elsewhere.

Please find out more and make your own mind up. Freemasonry is multiracial and multicultural.

The easiest way of finding out about us and more about Freemasonry is to contact us.

We would be pleased to talk to you. 

Remember that no-one (even royalty) is "invited" to join.

This is because we want you to feel that membership will be right for you (and your family) and you will need a member of  the lodge to propose you. 

If you would like to know more, we can help to advance to the point where you could be proposed by a lodge member, please use the  contact form below

We gladly extend a warm welcome to any man, over 21 (although in some cases it can be 18), who enquires of us what Masonry embraces and the impact it could have on him and his family. We are very ready to welcome you to one of Leeds best and friendliest lodges and we can help you with an application as needed.

Hallstone Jewel

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