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Verbatim Comments from current members

Why did you  join?

 "I wanted to learn more about myself and to improve myself by learning more skills and putting to use my early experiences. I have never regretted this

 "I was aware freemasonry existed so when a friend suggested I should look at joining. I made enquiries as to what it entailed and then successfully applied to become a mason and has been great ever since"

"I was encouraged by a very good friend an open evenings, i loved what I heard about Freemasonry and very impressed with how the evening went as it helped to clear any negative assumptions about Freemason. Sooner rather than later, i applied for membership and was admitted. I have been a member for 5 years and have enjoyed every moment of it"

The reason I joined freemasonry was because I had been to many social events from 1969 after my father joined the Lodge. So I knew from then that freemasons came from all walks of life and were genuine people. It was when my mother died and I saw how much support my father and the family received from the members (and wives), that I realised I wanted to be a part of the organisation. a decision I have never regretted except that I should have joined earlier.

I joined because I had both heard about the friendship you get AND because I heard about the charitable or community focussed things they did

I was invited to become a Mason many years ago by a close friend but at the time I was working for the NHS and would not have had the time to devote enough hours to be completely involved. Later

" I have travelled a road of learning/brotherhood and become a more rounded and contented man"

What encouraged you to keep being involved in freemasonry?

After moving to Leeds, a senior member encouraged me to join which I did and was subsequently initiated into St Michaels.

Since joining I attained the office of Worshipful Master and progressed further masonically.I have made countless friends, achieved a better understanding of the meaning of life and   have become a better person.  I would recommend Freemasonry to anyone who wants to advance himself in life and society.

When looking towards retirement, I attended an Open night and as a guest at the Stewards supper. This allowed me to learn enough about to encourage me to join: I was encouraged further by a member to join when he became WM as he had informed me a lot. After joining freemasonry gave me more than I had expected with the great comradery and sense of belonging to something good: years later it has got even better and I have ben WM myself. I believe that Freemasonary has certainly made me a better person.

"In my job, I had been working in the company of  many others and wanted to continue. At 51, Freemasonry appealed to me so I applied and was successful. It has been a source of strength in every respect from support when not so well, to progressing through WM to areas beyond"

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